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Satellite communication is revolutionized again with the launch of LEO Services. We provide a variety of satellite products to facilitate a variety of services. Wether it is GEO or LEO, fixed earth stations, Quick Deploy FlyAway or On The Move antennas.

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Symbolise is an authorised OneWeb partner. OneWeb has developed flexible, scalable, and reliable connectivity plans for Government partners, to enhance existing product portfolios and create new network solutions that revolutionise land, sea, and air operations. OneWeb connectivity comes equipped to deploy rapidly on the world stage. We enable faster, larger data flows for communications that improve performance, supply chain, tactical efficiencies, and morale. Our connectivity plans are easy to buy, deploy, and manage, using cloud-based OneWeb digital products and services made available as apps and APIs to integrate seamlessly with partner network systems.

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Symbolise Satellite Solutions

Installation of steerable downlink antenna for news station in Dubai.



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Flyaway antenna, airline checkable in Pelican cases giving you instant communication.

Flyaway antenna setup by Symbolise
Middle-East & Africa Office

FOAM0072 – Compass Building
Al Shohada Road
AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ
Ras Al Khaimah

United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 524017890

Europe Office

President Kennedylaan 21


The Hague

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 620610004

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