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This has become a market segment for many different products; satellite terminals, 4G/5G connectivity, fiber infrastructure on large vessels, GEO/LEO connectivity (OneWeb, Kymeta, Intellian). Out on the water, crew and guests still expect high-speed internet.

Maritime Solutions Symbolise

High-speed wireless connectivity is crucial in todays maritime business. Since 70% of the world surface is covered by oceans, this is best done by satellite, or when ships are closer to shore, through wireless 4G/5G/WiFi service.

Symbolise offers GEO/LEO Satellite solutions and 4G/5G/WiFi solutions for the maritime industry.


OneWeb's reliable connectivity creates new opportunities for more advanced technologies and greater adventure onboard any recreational boats or any superyachts. Guests, owners, and crew can connect with ease to our fleet of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites even at the most remote place at sea. Our smaller, lighter, weatherproof User Terminals are easy to install and manage for morale-boosting peace of mind and reliable two-way communications from any location.

The design, throughput, and performance of OneWeb’s network enables unique coverage, including Arctic capacity, to keep customers connected, even in hard-to-reach places.

OneWeb’s mission is transforming these oceans and marks the start of a new era for smarter shipping, with high-speed connectivity for high demanding digital solutions, to enrich both crew members and the remote offices sailing our seas.


Poynting offers a range of antennas that are designed specifically for marine and coastal applications, where performance, quality, styling, and weather protection are critical. This range of antennas is aimed at the luxury yacht market and can also be used in other applications with harsh environments such as harbour buildings, smaller boats, buoys, etc.


The marine antenna range is designed within Poynting’s customary requirements of high performance, wide bandwidth, and exceptional quality. The range covers LTE and 5G reception at sea, as well as antennas to provide dual-band Wi-Fi distribution at sea.

Poynting’s RIPPLE antenna is a state-of-the-art omni-directional antenna solution, designed to transform cellular connectivity in the maritime industry. With its wideband coverage, MIMO technology, and versatile design, the RIPPLE ensures enhanced performance, increased reliability, and seamless connectivity for luxury yachts, vessels of all sizes, and other maritime applications. Stay connected wherever your journey takes you with RIPPLE.

Wave WiFi specializes in keeping people connected by providing advanced hardware solutions that work in rugged conditions and marine environments. Utilizing far-reaching outdoor marine grade 2.4 & 5ghz WiFi receivers, Marine Multi-Source Wireless Broadband Routers, and Network Controllers, SIM activated Cellular Systems, and onboard Access Points, boaters can reliably access the Internet further and faster with more connectivity options.

Symbolise Maritime Solutions

Peplink Router and Poynting RIPPLE-8 Installation on Yacht

We recently completed a high-speed installation on a yacht, outfitting it with a cutting-edge Peplink Router integrated seamlessly with a Poynting RIPPLE-8 antenna. This setup delivers lightning-fast internet speeds, ensuring seamless connectivity even while sailing the open waters. With reliable, high-performance networking, you can stay connected and entertained throughout your maritime adventures.

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