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Fibre Optics


Products for conversion of RF and audio/video signals to optical. Long distance links to interconnect teleports. Short distance to replace coax and improve performance. GPS timing distribution in datacenters. Remote productions.

Fibre Optics Solutions Symbolise

RF over fiber links are used in the satellite industry to transport satellite signals between the antennas and Network Operations Center (NOC).  The links can be operated in both the uplink and downlink paths and are typically L-Band HTS, IF 70-140 MHz and C-Band. Additionally, S-Band is used for satellite telemetry and 10 MHz satcom timing and reference links are used for connectivity to LNAs, LNBs and BUC devices.

The RF over fiber process modulates the RF electrical signal onto light using a laser source. The light then travels down the fiber to the receiver where it is converted back to an RF electrical signal by means of a photo diode. Using RF over fiber considerably extends the distance signals can travel compared to coaxial cables.


The receive chain typically has a LNB or LNA coupled to a down convertor to take the satellite signal from C, X, Ku or Ka-band down to either L-Band HTS or IF 70/140 MHz.  The signal is then transported across the fiber to the Network Operations Center (NOC) where it is changed back to an electrical RF signal and sent to a switch matrix or straight to a demodulator.


RF-over-Fiber is also used in GPS timing applications. Network time servers require an accurate time signal, which is usually produced by GPS.  Where a time server isn’t near a building roof or no copper is allowed into the building, RF over fiber is required for the GPS connection.


In the Audio/Video domain, fiber provides the perfect solution for all signal transmission.

All kinds of Broadcast applications like in and between studios, in OB vans and between OB vans and stadiums/events, transport of signals between floors and buildings, remote production etc. Typically any kind of signals from 100meter to 100 km distance benefit from it.


Symbolise distributes ViaLite HD products for all RF-over-Fiber and Barnfind for Audio/Video applications.

Symbolise Fibre Optic Solutions

ViaLite Fiber Optic connectivity on Teleport

Central site equipment room connects to satellite transmit and receive antennas over fiber, by  converting the RF signal to optical. ViaLite products can convert a wilde range of Frequencies, from IF 70/140MHz to L-Band 950-2150MHz to C-Band 5.850-6.650GHz and even higher up to 20GHz. The fiber optic cable replaces the traditional coax ensuring no signal degradation.The fiber allow the equipmentroom to be removed from the actual antennafarm as the optical signal can be transported over fiber for 10km or more without any amplification.

ViaLite Fiber Optic connectivity on Teleport by Symbolise
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