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Extend mobile connectivity and WiFi access in hard-to-reach places whether it’s on-land or at sea, on-the-move or fixed. Connect to the internet through mobile data even when far away from a transmitter tower.

4G/5G/LTE & WIFI Solutions Symbolise

If you require a stable internet connection whilst on the move, you require a professional antenna with an omni-directional radiation pattern. Omni-directionsal means the antenna receives and transmits signals in all directions, therefore optimising your chances of maintaining a stable, consistent connection, even when turning around corners and bends!


Poynting Antennas offers antenna solutions for primarily wireless high speed data

applications, including residential 4G LTE as well as GSM, M2M (Machine to Machine),

DTV (Digital Television) and customer premise equipment


Poynting specializes in high performance broadband & niche antenna solutions for demanding applications where end-2-end communication counts. 


The MIMO antennas (for 2G/3G/4G) cover the contemporary 617 MHz to 2700 MHz bands, as well as the new emerging LTE and 5G spectrum for 450MHz and 3.5GHz CBRS bands, which is becoming popular across the various international cellular network operators for LTE. The ultra-wideband performance of the antennas allows them to be used across different operators and technologies and is ready for future cellular technologies up to 3.8 GHz for 5G applications.


Poynting offers a range of antennas that are designed specifically for marine and coastal applications, where performance, quality, styling, and weather protection are critical. This range of antennas is aimed at the luxury yacht market and can also be used in other applications with harsh environments such as harbour buildings, smaller boats, buoys, etc.


The marine antenna range is designed within Poynting’s customary requirements of high performance, wide bandwidth, and exceptional quality.

The range covers LTE and 5G reception at sea, as well as antennas to provide dual-band Wi-Fi distribution at sea.

Middle-East & Africa Office

FOAM0072 – Compass Building
Al Shohada Road
AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ
Ras Al Khaimah

United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 524017890

Europe Office

President Kennedylaan 21


The Hague

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 620610004

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