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Professional grade video encoding and decoding equipment for contribution and distribution. The ever evolving compression technology is becoming more it/IP-centric by the day. The new solutions are more scalable and offer superior picture quality. Our key partner in this area is Mediakind who offer a comprehensive portfolio to address Linear, OTT & Streaming.

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A good example of a flexible system solution that can be used in various ways is Aquila Broadcast from MediaKind. Aquila offers a broadcasting solution to minimise costs, maintain quality up to UHD HDR services whilst enabling broadcasters to transform their workflow to an all-IP architecture.

The cutting-edge Consumer Delivery solutions embody creative thinking for today’s challenging world of media delivery.

Video is no longer stagnant nor immobile and no longer comes in limited flavors. Today’s world of video requires bold solutions capable of ingesting any type of video feed and format, dynamically storing video when and where appropriate, doing so on a heterogeneous mix of physical storage hardware, and streaming live and stored video On-Demand to a wide variety of device types, each with their own technical requirements.

Here's a simple representation of a 16+8 redundant system delivered to one of our customers:

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