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Symbolise Communication & Broadcast Solutions


Broadcasting Solutions Symbolise

Professional grade video encoding and decoding equipment for contribution and distribution. The new solutions are more scalable and offer superior picture quality. Our key partner Mediakind offers a comprehensive portfolio to address all: Linear, OTT & Streaming.

Satellite Solutions Symbolise

Satellite communication is revolutionized again with the launch of LEO Services. We provide a variety of satellite products to facilitate a variety of services. Wether it is GEO or LEO, fixed earth stations, Quick Deploy FlyAway or On The Move antennas.

4G/5G/LTE & WiFi Solutions Symbolise

Extend mobile connectivity and WiFi access in hard-to-reach places whether it’s on-land or at sea, on-the-move or fixed. Connect to the internet through mobile data even when far away from a transmitter tower.

Fiber Optics Solutions Symbolise

Products for conversion of RF and audio/video signals to optical. Long distance links to interconnect teleports. Short distance to replace coax and improve performance. GPS timing distribution in datacenters. Remote productions.


Customers need network control 24/7. Network Management Systems are indispensable for monitoring of the elements, but they can also be a tool for Service Delivery. The NMS will play a critical role in achieving SLA targets and to report on them.


With Iridium our clients can enjoy truly Global Connectivity for Voice and Data. A powerful feature for VIP, Emergency Response and Government Agencies is the Push To Talk (PTT)  which connects a group of users around the Globe by pushing a single button.

Maritime Solutions Symbolise

This has become a market segment for many different products; satellite terminals, 4G/5G connectivity, fiber infrastructure on large vessels, GEO/LEO connectivity (OneWeb, Kymeta, Intellian). Out on the water, crew and guests still expect high-speed internet.

Installation & Maintenance Symbolise

Symbolise has a team of FieldService Technicians for VSAT Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Our engineers are trained and certified to deal with Satellite & IT products, onshore as well as offshore.





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