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Plug and Play Modular Solution

Symbolise offers proprietary plug and play modular systems by Solartechno. Solartechno’s NoGrid is a revolutionary modular system integrating Li-ion battery, thermal management, and solar panels. The NoGrid is modular, portable, maintenance-free and easy to install and use.


Energy Storage

As a channel partner of Solartechno, Symbolise offers large custom made turn-key inverter & battery storage for PV systems, using both new and recycled Li-ion battery cells from Electric Vehicles (EV). Cells are from cars made by Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and other top quality car manufacturers. The battery pack stores the excess energy supplied by the photovoltaic panels, making it available during the night, during periods of cloudy sky, in case of a grid blackout or at peak demand.


Custom Solutions

Do you want to create a custom communications solution with integrated solar panels as the (redundant) power source? Talk to us about engineering possibilities.

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