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Symbolise offers Laird Connectivity antennas for the IOT space. The antenna portfolio consists of products suited for portable/handheld IOT devices (internal antennas), fixed/external IOT devices (external antennas), mobile fleet/vehicular (transit antennas), and wide area NtWkg (base station, backhaul antennas). 


More IOT Products

As a channel partner of Laird Connectivity, Symbolise offers Laird Connectivity’s full IOT product portfolio. Laird Connectivity’s IOT Devices extend their industry-leading wireless expertise to off-the-shelf sensors and gateways. Choose from a variety of battery-powered, wireless, environmental, or probe sensors using LoRaWAN or Bluetooth 5, and keep control of your data from sensor to cloud with their gateways’ native integrations to your cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, The Things Network, Actility, and others.

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