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Radio Access Network

Symbolise offers Laird Connectivity Radio Access Network (RAN) antenna solutions fit for Low PIM 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G networks for superior speed, throughput and seamless mobility.


Fiber Optic / Coaxial Cable

Fibre optic connections is becoming more common around the world. With increased throughput and higher speeds it future proofs networks for increased future demand for Internet, Voice, and TV services. Symbolise can supply Fibre Optic cable and Coaxial cable for a variety of outdoor and indoor uses.


NEW: Poynting Antennas

Symbolise has recently become a distributor of Poynting. As the world enters into the 5G era, Poynting's antennas offer a great solution for a large variety of applications. Visit our shop for product pricing information.

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