Audio Equipment

We offer audio euipment from Sennheiser, Mediakind, AppearTV.

Audio/Video Transport

Audio/Video transport equipment is offered from Vaxis, Mediakind, Enensys, Trilogic, AppearTV and Dektec.

Block Upconverters (BUCs)

Symbolise offers block upconverters (BUCs) from Terrasat, Amplus and Spacepath.

Audio/Video Storage

Symbolise offers tailored solutions for video and audio data storage.


Symbolise offers decoders from BBright, Mediakind, AppearTV and Dektec for MPEG2, MPEG4, HEVC and UHD.


Symbolise offers demodulators from Enensys/Teamcast and Datum Systems.

Deployable Solutions

Talk to us about custom deployable broadcasting solutions (e.g. News Vans, Fly-Away terminals).


Symbolise offers encoders from Mediakind and AppearTV.

GPS Timing

We offer fully integrated GPS timing solutions for various applications (e.g. datacenters, broadcasters, authorities) based on your custom needs. We sell cables, converters and optical splitters from Vialite; and antennas and timing servers from a variety of suppliers based on your technical needs.

Low Noise Block Downconverters

We offer low noise block downconverters (LNBs) from Swedish Microwave (SMW), Norsat and Amplus.


Symbolise offers modulators from Enensys/Teamcast and Datum Systems.


Symbolise offers monitoring solutions from Trilogic, Enensys and Skyline Communications.


We offer multiplexing solutions from Mediakind and AppearTV.


Symbolise offers playout solutions from BBright. SD, HD, UHD, even 8K, BBright has developped different solutions to satisfy the most challenging TV Channels requests, from high density multi-channel compressed playout to high-end Ultra HD Channel in a Box with HDR and NGA Audio Codecs.


Symbolise offers traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) from Spacepath Communications.

RF over Fiber

Symbolise offers RF over fibre solutions from Barnfind and Vialite.

Satellite Antennas

Symbolise offers satellite antenna dishes from Sat-Lite Technologies and SkywareGlobal.

Video Equipment

Symbolise offers video equipment from Mediakind and AppearTV. We can also source video cameras, teleprompters, etc. per your requirements.

Video over IP

We partnered up with Zixi to offer solutions for video distribution over IP. Zixi’s proprietary software allows you to seamlessly broadcast your video streams online. Talk to us about the possibilities.


Symbolise offers waveguides from Apollo Microwave and Flexiguide.


If you have a special request for a product you do not see on our website, contact us at We have a wide product sourcing network and will gladly help you out with any request.

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